Firmware database

It is not recommended to download the entire shared database at once due to the very large size and number of files



The resources we provide are used to repair the internal software of HDD and SSHD hard drives and are intended for companies and people involved in professional data recovery.

Flashing the wrong modules or other ROM load may damage the hardware and prevent the drive from initializing and accessing and recovering data.

Before any modification of Service Area modules and ROM contents, they should be backed up, and each software modification should be carefully considered.

Updates and support

Due to limitations in sourcing firmware modules for hard drives, we have decided to make our resources available to anyone who needs them for repair and data recovery.

Database is updated every day, and its openness ensures free access and no limits on the number of downloads.

If you cannot find the modules required for repair or you have questions related to your case, we are at Your disposal.

If necessary, we also offer a remote assistance service required to carry out repairs, details of which are available in the Price list.