Specialized data recovery

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Briefly about us Technik Łukasz podczas pracy / Odzyskiwanie danych

HEX service is a specialist company established in 2012.

Our goals is to make data recovery services accessible for all, putting on the first place effectiveness and pricing accessibility. To achieve the set goals we consistently invest in development by expanding our knowledge and experience and using the best commercial solutions as well as creating our own work tools.

We have our own database donors that are a source of spare parts, which we are gradually expanding with new positions to minimize the time needed to obtain spare parts.

We provide protection the devices left with us and data stored on them, by the security policy adopted in our company.

Technik Łukasz podczas pracy / Odzyskiwanie danych
Jednen z systemów firmy AceLab - interfejs sprzętowy PC3000 / Odzyskiwanie danych

What equipment are we working on? Jednen z systemów firmy AceLab - interfejs sprzętowy PC3000 / Odzyskiwanie danych

Commercial solutions used in our company:

  • AceLab PC3000 Express RAID
  • AceLab PC3000 Express
  • AceLab PC3000 UDMA SSD
  • AceLab PC3000 Flash
  • Rusolut VNR
  • Soft-Center Flash Extractor
  • HddSurgery tools
  • ApexToolLab tools
  • soldering equipment JBC oraz Quick
  • measuring equipment Fluke

Data overwritten even several times back can be recovered?

No, for any digital storage device already overwriting once effectively prevents the original content from being read.

This is why when data loss is so important not to boot the operating system or perform any write operations (system repair, formatting, flashing a new firmware) on a damaged device.

Each boot of the system makes changes to the files, and formatting destroys the partition table and may overwrite content important to You.

For the recover Your data the device must work only in readout mode.

Do you put the flooded electronic device in rice, or maybe leave it for a few days for it to dry by itself?

Many advice on the Internet tels to dry flooded device as soon as possible.

This is a big mistake because the liquid can leave deposits of salt or other chemical compounds, and its evaporation gives access to oxygen, both of these factors cause accelerated corrosion.

The best thing to do in this case is to cut off the power source permanently, place the device in a zip-bag to keep it moist for as long as possible, and then send device to the laboratory for cleaning and damage verification.

The sooner we do this, We have greater chance of a successful data recovery.

Lost data? Don't lose your mind! Technik Łukasz podczas pracy / Odzyskiwanie danych

The failure of the storage device does not have to mean the total loss of your work and memories

In situation of hardware failure above all, stay calm and disconnect it from the power supply.

Remember that any ill-considered attempt to repair a damaged storage device can make much more difficult or even prevent full recovery of Your data!

If You don't know what to do in the next step is a sign that You need to stop.

Please refer to the 3-2-1 copy rule!

Technik Łukasz podczas pracy / Odzyskiwanie danych
Technik Łukasz podczas pracy / Odzyskiwanie danych

We recover data from logically and physically damaged devices! Technik Łukasz podczas pracy / Odzyskiwanie danych

We know how important is your data and we always guarantee the most effective method of recovery.

Our work begins with a careful analysis of the device to determine the type and extent of damage.
We provide detailed information on the data that can be recovered and the time it takes to recover them.

Our company offers data recovery services from:

  • desktops and laptops
  • external drives
  • mobile device
  • flash portable memories
  • operating systems such as Windows, Apple or Linux
  • arrays and servers
  • virtual machines
  • many other digital devices